Jay Simons - Atlassian President and Ruben Segura - Atlassian Guru
Jay Simons, President of Atlassian
with Ruben Segura, Vice President of
Segura Consulting, LLC

We are Atlassian Experts

Why hire Segura Consulting, LLC?

  • We are Atlassian certified - ACP-100 Jira Administration Certified (2019), ACP-600 Project Administration Certified (2019), Jira System Administration Certificate (2009, 2011), Confluence Administration Certificate (2009), Jira Advanced Workflow Design (2009).
  • You want someone who knows the depths of Atlassian software and can configure it according to your company's requirements. Ruben possesses over 10 years of Jira and Confluence experience and Kristin possesses about 5 years experience with Atlassian software.
  • You and your company deserve expert, personalized and rapid service at an affordable rate. We provide it.
  • We've architected, configured, upgraded and migrated Atlassian instances for a variety of company sizes and types. Click here to view Segura Consulting's partial client list to gain insight into the type of work we've accomplished.
  • Ask our current and previous customers about the quality and efficiency of our work!
  • We're fully insured and licensed.

Meet our Atlassian and web experts with over 30 years of combined experience:

Ruben Segura    Vice President, Atlassian Services

Ruben Segura - Atlassian Guru

As the primary partner and founder of Segura Consulting, LLC, Ruben is our subject matter expert and devops with the installation, configuration, and management of the Atlassian suite of products - used by companies to "plan, collaborate, code, and service" - insures a thriving base of new and repeat Atlassian clients.

Ruben’s Atlassian experience spans over 10 years with such clients as Mozilla, iRobot, Black Duck Software, Pfizer, Carbonite, the State of South Carolina, Kronos, Walgreens, Hasbro, Barrick Gold, Good Technology, Uber, and Turbine, to name a few. Ruben implemented and configured Atlassian installations with as few as 25 users and as many as 30,000 users in fields as varied as transportion to software services, to financial institutions, to pharmaceutical and to gold mining.

With his current clients, Ruben oversees the implementation, development, and configuration of JIRA Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Fisheye, Crowd, Bamboo and Bitbucket. Prior to being an expert with the Atlassian suite of products, Ruben’s decade of diverse computer experience, from building computers and servers to administering computer systems to computer scripting, gave him the foundation to become an Atlassian guru.

Ruben is a U.S. Air Force veteran.

Click this link to view Ruben's resume and click here to view Segura Consulting's partial client list.


Kristin Lyons - Atlassian Services


Kristin Lyons    Manager, Atlassian Services

Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator for Data Center and Server  Atlassian Certified in Managing Jira Cloud Projects Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator for Cloud Atlassian Certified in Managing Jira Server Projects

Kristin's speciality is with Atlassian product (JIRA Software, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence) upgrades, mergers of multiple instances of Jira and other Atlassian products, as well as migrations from cloud to server-based or server-based to cloud Atlassian instances.

Kristin also excels at administering Atlassian instances from modifying workflows and screens to training staff on how to administer or use their Atlassian products.

Kristin is a results-driven technology professional, articulate communicator and strong team player with excellent interpersonal skills offers 14 years of technical, organizational, and customer relations experience. She possesess over 4 years of Atlassian experience specializing in the administration and configuration of JIRA and Confluence as well as discovering solutions to problems with our clients' existing configurations. She has worked with the following clients - HP, iRobot, Black Duck Software, Pfizer, Kronos, Macom, and Carbonite.

Kristin enjoys listening to music and attending concerts, playing video games, reading, and snowboarding.

Click this link to view Kristin's resume and click here to view Segura Consulting's client list.


John Segura Manager Business Services



John Segura    Manager, Business Services

John oversees Segura Consulting's budgeting and fiscal reporting as well as reviewing contracts, invoicing, payroll, and purchasing. Under John's leadership of our business services, our business records are efficiently and effectively organized. Please reach out to John Segura via email (john at seguraconsulting.com) regarding invoices, documentation (executed contracts, insurances, timesheets, etc.), and remittances.

John enjoys reading, coin collecting, and is an avid history and current affairs enthusiast.


Lisa Segura - Segura Consulting LLC



Lisa Segura    President

Lisa is the co-founder of Segura Consulting, LLC and specializes in configuring Atlassian's Confluence as well as web integration and programming, primarily for use in their client's Atlassian product installations. Utilizing various Atlassian add-ons, e.g. Adaptavist ScriptRunner and JIRA Scripting Suite Pro, Lisa creates scripts to extend the functionality of JIRA.

Before starting Segura Consulting, LLC, Lisa led the programming for the Rhode Island School of Design's intranet, .edu website, and various other internal and external websites. She was a web developer for several internet start-up companies and began her web programming career with her own business, Acme Trading Company, which sold licensed cartoon character merchandise before Acme was bought by a competitor.

In her personal time, Lisa is passionate about spending time with her family and friends and traveling with both whenever possible. Lisa is also avid reader and amateur genealogist.



Atlassian Products

We provide administrator and developer integration, maintenance, and enhancement services on an as needed basis for your company's Atlassian installations. Please read more about the Atlassian Services we provide and about the work that we've done for our previous clients.

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